Started playing but confused? 

It can be a bit daunting if new to this sort of game play and with so many children playing, a little help is useful.

How the Battle Pass works. You have to buy it. if you do you get lots of rewards as your character gets  more experience. It is not necessary to have it to play the game.

Also your character is not penalised for not having it. All skins (the way your character looks) are equal. They do not possess any special abilities and everything you receive or buy does not add to their abilities either. This is all just cosmetic.

However, don't under estimate the power of a really good animated character, some of them do have their own emotes.

Console settings can all be set from within the game so if you are unsure how to jump, normally A button -  go into the settings and look at the controller part, it will give you all the settings or you can change them.

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