Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Blackpool Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the UK’s favourite amusement park, with over 125 rides and attractions, spectacular shows and it’s the most ride intensive park in the UK.

Home to the steel mega-coaster that is the Big One, the UK’s only Nickelodeon Land and the world’s first Wallace & Gromit ride, Thrill-O-Matic, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is full of world firsts.

Family thrills and memories that will last a lifetime are assured at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and there is plenty to keep all ages amused. Nickelodeon Land is home to 12 amazing rides, a whole host of Nickelodeon characters themed around the world’s number one children’s entertainment channel. With its colourful, park-like atmosphere, Nickelodeon Land is the perfect place to hang out and meet popular Nick characters

Pleasure Beach operates on a wrist band basis. These are pretty obviously worn on the wrist and are shown when you go to each attraction.

You can  buy a pleasure beach pass for £6 and then purchase ride tickets for individual rides for a £1 each.

Each ride is worth several ride tickets e.g. the big dipper is 5 and the Alice Ride is 3. Entry to the Chinese Maze and the Express are free.

There are also food wristbands that allow for unlimited meals at £22.50 for adults and £17.50 for juniors (gate price - online has a discount) and this may be useful if you are there all day.

There are three narrow guage loco's that can transport you around the park on the Pleasure Beach Express.  Apart from the thrill rides (more about then later) there are plenty of more gentle rides aimed at family visitors. Here are just a selection. For a full list including a vintage carousel visit

Alice Ride

Join Alice on this fantasy ride which transports riders through the looking glass into Alice’s Wonderland. See all your favourite characters from Lewis Carroll’s story like the White Rabbit . Take your place at the Mad Hatter’s tea party whilst you ride around in your very own Cheshire Cat carriage.

Small children under 117cm must be able to walk unaided and must be accompanied by a responsible person who has a wristband or the required amount of ride tickets.

Chinese Puzzle Maze

Embark on a journey through an interactive Chinese Maze. Take in the water features, relax in the gazebos and have fun through winding walkways. You never know where you may end up as you meander past several rides and various attractions.

River Caves
Right in the heart of Pleasure Beach is the River Caves.
Climb aboard your vessel and set sail on this spectacular voyage of uncharted territory.This ride takes you on a journey through time with many lands to be discovered from prehistoric beginnings of the dinosaurs to the splendours of ancient Egypt.

Wallace & Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic
Thrill-O-Matic takes a trip through Wallace & Gromit’s adventures, from A Grand Day Out, trying out The Wrong Trousers, having A Close Shave before dealing with A Matter of Loaf and Death and tackling The Curse of the Were Rabbit.

It wouldn’t be Wallace & Gromit without the duo’s cracking contraptions making an appearance throughout Thrill-O-Matic, along with some friendly, and not-so friendly characters.

Up to four riders can step inside Wallace’s slippers for an adventure of a lifetime. With stunning scenery and amazing special effects, Thrill-O-Matic is bound to be a right riveting ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

After the ride you can check out Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Thrill-O-Matic shop where you can buy exclusive Wallace and Gromit merchandise including cheese-flavoured rock, exclusive modeling kits and loads more!

Nickelodeon Land is part of Pleasure Beach Blackpool and anyone who has an Unlimited Ride Wristband can enjoy the 12 new rides on there plus a chance to meet up with some of the best-known Nickelodeon characters. Blackpool Pleasure Beach cannot guarantee that characters from Nickelodeon Land and Wallace & Gromit will appear at the attraction every day. Attractions are based on Avatar Airbender, the Backyardigans, Dora the explorer, Spongebob and Rugrats.

For adults the thrill rides include The Big One and Infusion.
The Big One is Pleasure Beach’s biggest, fastest and scariest coaster. Feel the adrenaline rush as you climb to a nail biting height of 235ft.

Prepare yourself for the first drop which boasts an incline angle of 65 degrees and at speeds of up to 87mph this roller coaster is an experience like no other! The Big One is also one of the longest roller coasters measuring over a mile in length. Don’t forget to smile for your picture near the end of the ride!

With Infusion, prepare for an exhilarating infusion of the elements, soar to amazing heights. Infusion is a whirlwind experience that will amaze and astound the senses.Hold your breath as you board Infusion take a seat and see the floor disappear beneath your feet, the five loop suspended roller coaster is the first in the world to be suspended completely over water.

Other rides include Ice Blast which is a tower drop and also Revolution which goes forwards and backwards over a giant loop as well as the brand new Red Arrows Skyforce. This 72ft high, 12-seat white-knuckle ride will take you on a 360-degree tour of the skies and sits in the shadow of the world famous Big One rollercoaster. Stepping into your very own Red Arrows cockpit, you take control of the plane and spin, glide and take formation in your very own display.

Red Arrows Skyforce will have you spinning, swirling and exciting the senses while your fellow pilots take control of their own flights before touching down.

Pleasure Beach is open daily from 30th March.
Height restrictions may apply on certain attractions.