Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Gullivers Warrington

Byron visits Gullivers Hotel Warrington

What a time we had at Gullivers Warrington. A warm thank you to all the staff both inside the hotel and in the park.

The hotel has some great facilities and fantastic themed rooms. Including, princess, pirate and Western. We were happy to stay in one of their Family Suites.
The suites have a king-sized bed, en-suite bathroom and a specially designated area for children – Gully’s Den, a beautifully designed themed den with tree house bunk beds, individual TVs and a secret hideaway. The moment Byron saw it, he set up camp and immediately began drawing on the blackboard under the top bunk.

However, there was no time to watch either of his TV's, it was down to Gully's Club Playroom. Here he met other like-minded guests. There is plenty to do in Gully's Den, including a spot of console playing. I tried to save Lara Croft, but she was too silly and just kept falling off things. Outside there are more things to play on as well as lovely countryside.

Unexpectedly the hotel put on a disco for the tots which Byron turned into a dinner and dance. (Apologies to all the little girls he danced with and their toes) The leader was very good and soon they were playing musical statues and musical bumps. Though they seem to have trouble deciding what the difference was. After a fun filled evening, we retired to bed. Byron was excited to be going into his den and was already planning to watch some early Cbeebies.

After breakfast the next morning, we entered the park. I was keen to get on the rides, especially the Log Flume, my favourite. Byron was keen to scamper on everything we came across the castle, a fairytale climbing frame that no knight or Byron could fail to spend time on.

There are many things around the park that you can have a picture taken with including owls and parrots whilst we were there. When we first saw a Cinderella type coach, Byron insisted on a photo, he even wanted me to get in it with him. (I was too big)

We came across an unassuming building, quite small and shabby to be truthful proclaiming to be Dracula's castle. We looked at each other and laughed (he is four so he doesnt know what he is laughing about really but its always nice to hear it) We decided to go in and I thought it would be quick and soon we would be out the other side. However, it is something of a TARDIS and once inside it seemed to go on a long way. It was very dark, so armed with my phone torch we went forward. It was creepy and there were some scary things behind glass windows. Suddenly we found ourselves at the bottom of a large spooky staircase and I have to admit we fled back the way we had come. Once outside in the light we laughed again.

'Again' said Byron. 'But we need more people!'.

Now whether he wanted more for company or so that they could get picked off instead of us, I'll never know. He saw a family of four, two little girls and their parents and enticed them to come in the mansion with us, (he does things like that, comes from being an only child I think) We all entered but within a few seconds, one of the girls wanted to get away, so the dad left. Byron looked at me and said, 'its okay we still have them', the mother and daughter were proceeding. Well we made it the staircase and up and then there were even more frightening things behind glass and you didnt even want to look up. Finally we were going down again and then the sunlight peaked through and we were out. Obviously I had my torch on all the time.

Finally the Log Flume was just right for us. I had taken Byron on one at Crealys and the looks of delight on that one soon turned to, uh oh, bit too high. Gullivers Log Flume is designed with younger children and more nervous people in mind.

There are a great many rides for all ages at Gullivers though to be fair it has to be said that it excels for the 2-10 age range. You could easily spend two or three days there, especially with a young child that wants to play and explore everything.

Note he is perched at the top of this very high thing below. I only looked away for a second, to see a train going past a dinosaur and he was up there. Luckily he was able to get down without my help or we would probably still be there.

The dinosaur section of Gullivers is large and there are walkways, educational films and all sorts.

Also there is a Splash Zone. We couldn't leave without going in and giving it a try. Byron wouldn't let me. If you have never been to one. You normally have a two hour slot. This flies by and the children all interact and make friends, playing in the water and avoiding the bucket which tips out every few minutes.

All in all it was one of our best trips, the staff being nice always makes a difference. We had a bad experience with people working the rides at Thomas Land which we may never get over and now we appreciate happy, thoughtful people who really seem to care that you have a good time. Gullivers Warrington is one of our favourite parks.

Do visit the web site for more info on the hotel, which has a great deal more to offer, even use of a washing machine and dryer! Click here.

For more on the park - Click here.

You may also meet the Zingzillas or even see the TARDIS with a Dalek depending on when you go.