Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Travelling to Southern Spain

We started our trip by travelling with Briittany Ferries from Portsmouth to Santander.

For those of you travelling with a dog, this is a relaxing way to do it, without the worry of what is happening to your pet in the cargo hold of a plane.

The kennels are very well proportioned and our dog had plenty of room to move around. She was surrounded by other dogs so should not have felt lonely and you can visit them as often as you want. You have your own keypass that gets you into the kennels to check on them, day or night.

Depending on what time of the year you travel, there is an indoor pool which looked very inviting but was closed on our journey.

The ship is large and you may need a map to find your way around to one of the splendid restaurants on board. Our three year old was not as helpful as usual and was probably over excited by all the travelling. Hence, it was a bit difficult to fully appreciate the level of cuisine available on board. We did dine in Le Flora, with it's elegant tables and beautifully presented buffet or a la carte.

The journey across was excellent and everyone is friendly and helpful on board. The crew are mainly French but have good English skills.

You can also book pet friendly cabins but these go very quickly and should be booked as far in advance as possible. we would definitely recommend this mode of travel  especially if travelling with dogs or to the Southern or central areas of Spain with your car. For more info on Brittany -  click here.


Our cabin was middle of the road, with TV and en suite, though you can see from above picture that some of the cabins could surpass a hotel room in the best hotels and just look at the view.

Driving on and off the ship was a doddle and you didnt notice any waiting time. You should not return to your car once you have boarded the ship as they are then on lock down and secure. The ship may either back in or drive in to the port depending on the circumstances at the time. So you may find yourself last on and first off in some cases.

I cant say we are looking forward to returning home as the weather is lovely here and we have just become accustomed to everything, but at least we know that our trip on board the ferry will be relaxing after the 1000 miles or so to get back to Santander.

We look forward to seeing what our return voyage holds in store for us.